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There’s not much I could tell you about myself. I left my home country of Mexico twenty years back to give a better life to my children. I didn’t have qualifications and I couldn’t really speak the language. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. I found work as a cleaner in a local supermarket. Twenty years later, I am the Health and Hygiene Manager at the supermarket which has expanded into opening more stores all over Texas. Although I do supervise and oversee many other helpers, the work hasn’t changed much from two decades back.

I don’t mean that I go around cleaning the restrooms, but apart from the new gadgets installed in the restrooms, the daily schedule is still the same. People still manage to dirty them up, but I don’t know how. I’ve had some good days and I’ve had some really bad days too. But now fortunately as I’m a little older now and I don’t get around too much, I oversee the supplies and check that all is good. We’ve had to replace many machines over the years.

I remember fifteen years back, we were still using paper towel dispensers. Do you know how much wastage gets accumulated over time? We spent so much money on supplies like paper towels which would be used or at times left discarded on the floors to become one big mess. Let me tell you, cleaning that up wasn’t a pretty sight. I had gone to a restaurant with my little ones and I noticed the restaurant’s restrooms had the hand dryer. The next day I suggested to my boss to get that. It would cost more than buying paper, but in the long run we wouldn’t have to worry about buying supplies of paper towels and also cut down on the storage space for that.

Fortunately my boss was open to the idea and we installed it within a week. Trust me, it makes our jobs so much easier to have that installed. I’ve seen so many changes take place – from better lighting, to nicer mirrors, to more recently installed hand dryers. The new one we have now doesn’t make so much noise. The one we got fifteen years back used to sound so loud, it sounded like a car or a plane. We may live in a small town, but this town has grown so much. I feel very proud of how far I’ve come – people may say that having a job as a cleaner is not glamorous or it is beneath them, but hard work never killed anyone.

Having my job paid the bills, got my children through school and now I am a manager. The title sounds very fancy I know, but it feels good to see how far I’ve come. It also feels good to help out the new comers who work under my supervision. I try to make sure their jobs are not too demanding – because I’ve been there so I know it can be hard, but now in my position, I order supplies and make sure that my domain is always clean.