Restroom Features That Go The Extra Mile

We all know what we are going to see when we walk into a restroom – the bare essentials at the very least. But when the company who has installed the public restroom goes that extra mile, we walk out feeling a little better perhaps? Here are a few details that do make our lives easier in the loo.

  • Wall to Wall Mirrors


Some may argue that this is an absolute necessity, but honestly, we could manage with a decent sized full length mirror near the exit and smaller ones to see our faces. But when we walk into a restroom and we can see our profiles in totality, it gives us time to really check ourselves out. Yes, everyone does that – without exception. These certainly don’t come cheap even though they are slowly becoming the norm.

  • Great Lighting

You would think that restrooms just need the basic ‘Switch on – Light on’ feature but now great lighting is slowly filtering into many restrooms. Forget about those harsh white lights that seem to highlight all our imperfections – I mean, who wants to be reminded of the little blemishes here and there? Soft lighting gives a nice glow to our faces and disguises any imperfections in the shadows. So what if your tummy is a little out, good lighting can highlight your good features so you leave the restroom satisfied with the way you look.

Good Smelling Soap

  • Good Smelling Soap

True, you’ve already got a soap dispenser installed, but how about making sure that the soap variety or brand that you buy doesn’t smell like the run of the mill detergent? A touch of lavender or something soothing could make a person feel quite impressed. Remember, they carry the scent with them when they leave. I’m sure anyone would appreciate smelling of roses or like a delicate flower and not like you’ve just been cleaning the bathrooms.

  • A Dyson Hand Dryer

While this is slowly gaining in popularity, it is still different enough to get attention from restroom visitors. We’re used to the same old white box that blows air that is installed in most restrooms, but this takes hand drying to a whole new level. It may be a little pricier than the models you currently find in most rest rooms, but we think it makes up for it in style and design – your restroom will definitely look more upscale.

  • Good Windows

If the restroom is in a mall or a closed space and you don’t have space for windows, then this is not a problem for you to fix. But if the restroom is located in a nice restaurant on a high rise – take advantage of the location. Install nice windows – wall to wall perhaps so that the people inside can enjoy a nice view. Who says that bathrooms have to be all closed up? Celebrate every movement!

  • Fancy Trash Cans

Don’t go for those big black bins in the corner. While that may be practical, it’s certainly an eye sore. A simple change of colour and design can make even the trash can look like a fashionable item. Make every item in the restroom look like a product of good design and not one pure necessity.

  • Soft Background Music

Have you ever needed to go to a restroom – like, reaaaaallly needed to go and realized that you were, how to say this politely, noisy? Avoid embarrassing situations and let some soft music play in the background so that other people who use the restroom can talk while preening themselves in front of the mirror while you do your job.

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