Restroom Essentials

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

This is another must have. It is very essential to place these in every restroom as germs and bacteria can spread very easily. When you use hand sanitizer, the solution kills off any harmful bacteria. In fact, you’ll notice signs in many restrooms that state that employees have to use hand sanitizer before leaving the restroom. There are many brands that make these types of dispensers that include Purell, Rubbermaid, Gojo and more.

Restroom Odor Control

You’ve been in there and you’ve done that and you realize nooooooooo, there’s no odor control! How embarrassing! Well, you don’t have to use up a lot of paper towels, waving them in the air waiting for the odor to disperse. This makes sure that everyone – eve the people who visit the restroom after you have a pleasant experience.

Restroom Grab Bars

Not everyone has a great body and flexible nimble muscles. There are older folks or people who have suffered injuries who find it hard to get up from a seated position. Now imagine, the door is locked and you’re on the pot – it would absolutely mortifying to ask for help. A simple grab bar could make all the difference for them.