Luxury Restroom Elements of Necessity

Luxury? Restrooms? What are you talking about? I thought it was a simple do and leave situation. Well, now even restrooms are places where you can go to appreciate design, style, architecture and maybe spend a few more minutes there than required. Here are some very unique takes on conventional restroom facilities.

A Urinal Waterfall

  • A Urinal Waterfall

Imagine a restroom that has a waterfall, and you relieve yourself there. Forget old fashioned urinals, here’s one which will make you feel like you’re on the top of some exotic landscape. Located in The Madonna Inn in California’s San Luis Obispo, this opulent restroom sure attracts a lot of attention.

Urinals with a view

  • Urinals with a view

True, it’s a restroom, but if you’re located on a high rise that stands towering over everything else in the city, you have the luxury of having the windows look down at the world below. So when you’re having a meal at the swanky restaurant where this restroom is located, head over there for a pee break and take in the view. Located in the 28th floor of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Long, these floor to ceiling windows will definitely show you a bird’s eye view of the city. Of course, it’s all great until some other large sky scraper comes up – then it’ll just be awkward.

A toilet made of gold

  • A toilet made of gold

That’s really just taking it to one extreme. True, a toilet is definitely an essential anywhere, but a gold one? I guess they want businessmen to really do their business with them. The flagship 3D-Gold Jewelry gave anyone who spent over $200 in purchases the opportunity of a lifetime to do their business in a solid gold toilet that was absolutely functional. Located in Hong Kong, the doors to this unique toilet were closed after the top executives were involved in theft allegations.

  • One way Windows in Restrooms

Windows are great, but it feels really weird when you can see the world around you walk past while you’re doing your thing. A public toilet was installed in front of The Tate Britain Museum in London with the title ‘Don’t miss a sec’. Once you go inside the restroom, you can still the world around you pass by like those people are right next to you, but they can’t see a thing. I don’t know how comfortable you’d be with that though.

  • A fireplace

Yes, I know you’re thinking why would you have a fireplace in a public restroom? Well, the Shoji Tabuchi Theatre located in Branson, Missouri not only has a marble fireplace, it also boats of imported Italian sinks and a hand carved Mahogany pool table so you can enjoy a game of billiards in there….

  • Leather Reading Chairs

While you’re waiting for your friends to get done with their business, you can wait around in a comfy leather reading chair. A lot of restrooms thoughtfully provide seats for people who wish to sit a while, but the Varsity Theater in Dinkytown, Minneapolis really goes the extra mile.

  • Retractable Urinals

Now you see it, now you don’t. To combat the rising problem of men urinating in public after a night of drinking caused the authorities to set up these retractable urinals. They rise up from the ground after 10pm and sink back down by 3 am. These can be located in various areas of London, Belfast as well as Amsterdam. This also solved the problem of the space crunch which many cities all around the world face with the expansion of population and living space.

Restroom Essentials

There are a few necessary items that we all look for when we walk into a restroom. It could range from the commonly found to the more unusual, but some of these essentials are must-haves and should be included in any restroom. We’ve put together a list of the items we feel are needed in every restroom so that you have a check list ready for when you create one in your commercial space.

Toilet Paper and Sanitary Dispensers

  • Toilet Paper and Sanitary Dispensers

This has to top the list – if that’s not there, people are going to be in deep trouble and you’ll have some very unhappy customers, to say the least. There are different brands that cater to this market and some of the more well known brands are Kimberly-Clark, Cascades and ASI to name a few. There are different features that are advertised for this product which range from low maintenance, easy cleaning styles to designs which can accommodate jumbo and standard sized rolls. Surprisingly, one of their selling points is that it has a key lock dispenser that discourages theft. Now can you imagine someone running out with that? Well, I guess I won’t be surprised, stranger things are known to happen!

Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

This is another must have. It is very essential to place these in every restroom as germs and bacteria can spread very easily. When you use hand sanitizer, the solution kills off any harmful bacteria. In fact, you’ll notice signs in many restrooms that state that employees have to use hand sanitizer before leaving the restroom. There are many brands that make these types of dispensers that include Purell, Rubbermaid, Gojo and more.

Paper Towel Dispensers

  • Paper Towel Dispensers

Although this still exists in many restrooms, hand dryers are slowly taking over. When you’re done washing your hands you don’t want to walk out with your hands wet. That just looks, well, not very appealing, shall we say? Hand towels are a thing of the past and also the most unhygienic thing you could put in a restroom, so paper towels, which can be used and disposed off are the most feasible option. Franklin Machine and San Jamar are two of the companies that make this product.


  • Hand-Dryers

As mentioned earlier, hand dryers are replacing the Paper Towel dispenser because you end up saving paper, you don’t have to keep stocking up on paper towel supplies and you save the environment! Huge plus points there. Hand Dryers use heat that is emitted to dry your hands. The designs of these gadgets have changed dramatically over the years from the conventional white one by the wall to ones which look a little space age where you can insert your hands to get them blown dry. There are automatic, high speed options which have infrared sensor to activate the hand dryers. Dyson, Excel Dryers and World Dryers produce this necessary restroom item.

  • Restroom Odor Control

You’ve been in there and you’ve done that and you realize nooooooooo, there’s no odor control! How embarrassing! Well, you don’t have to use up a lot of paper towels, waving them in the air waiting for the odor to disperse. This makes sure that everyone – eve the people who visit the restroom after you have a pleasant experience.

  • Restroom Grab Bars

Not everyone has a great body and flexible nimble muscles. There are older folks or people who have suffered injuries who find it hard to get up from a seated position. Now imagine, the door is locked and you’re on the pot – it would absolutely mortifying to ask for help. A simple grab bar could make all the difference for them.


Restroom Features That Go The Extra Mile

We all know what we are going to see when we walk into a restroom – the bare essentials at the very least. But when the company who has installed the public restroom goes that extra mile, we walk out feeling a little better perhaps? Here are a few details that do make our lives easier in the loo.

  • Wall to Wall Mirrors


Some may argue that this is an absolute necessity, but honestly, we could manage with a decent sized full length mirror near the exit and smaller ones to see our faces. But when we walk into a restroom and we can see our profiles in totality, it gives us time to really check ourselves out. Yes, everyone does that – without exception. These certainly don’t come cheap even though they are slowly becoming the norm.

  • Great Lighting

You would think that restrooms just need the basic ‘Switch on – Light on’ feature but now great lighting is slowly filtering into many restrooms. Forget about those harsh white lights that seem to highlight all our imperfections – I mean, who wants to be reminded of the little blemishes here and there? Soft lighting gives a nice glow to our faces and disguises any imperfections in the shadows. So what if your tummy is a little out, good lighting can highlight your good features so you leave the restroom satisfied with the way you look.

Good Smelling Soap

  • Good Smelling Soap

True, you’ve already got a soap dispenser installed, but how about making sure that the soap variety or brand that you buy doesn’t smell like the run of the mill detergent? A touch of lavender or something soothing could make a person feel quite impressed. Remember, they carry the scent with them when they leave. I’m sure anyone would appreciate smelling of roses or like a delicate flower and not like you’ve just been cleaning the bathrooms.

  • A Dyson Hand Dryer

While this is slowly gaining in popularity, it is still different enough to get attention from restroom visitors. We’re used to the same old white box that blows air that is installed in most restrooms, but this takes hand drying to a whole new level. It may be a little pricier than the models you currently find in most rest rooms, but we think it makes up for it in style and design – your restroom will definitely look more upscale.

  • Good Windows

If the restroom is in a mall or a closed space and you don’t have space for windows, then this is not a problem for you to fix. But if the restroom is located in a nice restaurant on a high rise – take advantage of the location. Install nice windows – wall to wall perhaps so that the people inside can enjoy a nice view. Who says that bathrooms have to be all closed up? Celebrate every movement!

  • Fancy Trash Cans

Don’t go for those big black bins in the corner. While that may be practical, it’s certainly an eye sore. A simple change of colour and design can make even the trash can look like a fashionable item. Make every item in the restroom look like a product of good design and not one pure necessity.

  • Soft Background Music

Have you ever needed to go to a restroom – like, reaaaaallly needed to go and realized that you were, how to say this politely, noisy? Avoid embarrassing situations and let some soft music play in the background so that other people who use the restroom can talk while preening themselves in front of the mirror while you do your job.